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Blue Lake Night Experience

Blue Lake Experience is a new seaside restaurant for Mediterranean cuisine , fresh fish  and sushi. Our chef leads a team that aims to highlight local products and Mediterranean flavor profile that showcases the local farmers and fishermen. 

There is Always More To Taste


Creative versions of the Mediterranean’s gastronomic philosophy . Choose between classics and ingenious gourmet creations. 

Fine Cuts

The prime meat used in Blue Lake Night Experience is not to be messed with. The chef only adds to its premium quality.


The rolls of Blue Lake Experience capture the essence of luxury.  Elegant flavours , premium Japanese ingredients artfully combined in dishes that you’ll never forget. 

Our Wine List Is here to Amaze You 

Chill Nights , Mellow Vibes


Create beautiful moments as long as you taste your drink or your cocktail in our Blue Lake Experience Bar.

When the sun goes down, Music comes up

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Created by Marianna Koutsogianni